Scottie McClue's Massive Mighty Mega-Website is the on-line home of the world's favourite broadcaster, who through his wit, wisdom and sheer charisma has become the finest purveyor of top talk, quality information, education and entertainment to the assembled masses on the world's stage.

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Scottie McClue

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Quotes and Testimonies:
Scottie McClue is Britain's hottest radio property! & the nation's #1 talk show personality in all the UK's leading radio companies (where he is known affectionately as KING MIDAS), A term spawned by the famous phrase;

  YES, You've guessed it, it's the nation's favourite, the man once and perhaps most famously described as "THE LEONARDO DA VINCI OF RADIO" and "WINSTON CHURCHILL ON ACID"  

Over the years he has fought the battles of the airwaves valiantly and bravely under many of the most ancient and most noble feudal banners Including:
The Red Rose
The White Rose
The Thistle
The Leek
The Shamrock
to name but a few.

"After over two years of Listening to 'Scottie McClue', I am actually convinced it is nothing more than just a shameless, albeit incredibly successful, bid for notoriety and high audience figures"
(A Senior British Broadsheet Journalist)

  "If I'm honest I'm not entirely sure it's the kind of thing we're looking for around here at the moment - it's just not really something we'd be very interested in"
(A Senior BBC spokesperson)
(at a time when 'Scottie' was almost never off the BBC both TV & radio as a contributor)

  "A very talented and genuine character, an all round entertainer"
(A British national broadsheet newspaper)
"I nearly died laughing at Scottie McClue"
(A man who crashed his car during the phone-in)
"I think I'll definitely go for this, it's nothing short of a phenomenon" (a senior British tabloid journalist)

"The best phone-in presenter in the country"
(a group radio MD, on national television)
  "Yes, we'd be very interested in talking to Scottie McClue. He's very clever and very funny.

The BBC is always interested in looking at 'a wide range of talent'."

(A Senior BBC Spokesperson)
  "A good name is better than great riches"
(Scottie's Granny)
"I wish he would become an MP,
we could do with him in the House of Commons"
(a Conservative politician)
"God this is funny"
(A Labour politician)

"He should be permanently on national radio" (a former 'NATIONAL' Radio PD now a 'LOCAL' radio PD)

"He's mad! But the audience love him - so I do as well"
(a senior PD in commercial radio)
  "He is an absolute hoot" (a leading British aristocrat)
"I never know what's coming next"
(a following British aristocrat)

"A true genius and a great talent" (A British national broadsheet newspaper)
  " I have never, ever, heard so much f****** s****
in all my f****** life, see me,
ah just cannae get ma f****** heid 'roon' any of it at a' "

(a Glaswegian and a big Scottie fan)

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